Top 5 chicken parmigianas in Australia

Pies, burgers, parmys… a cameraman’s comfort food! From Capetown to Cooktown, and everywhere in between, Jed (our resident food-on-the-road connoisseur & camo) loves putting his taste buds to the test, and sharing his results… with you, of course.

Below he’s compiled a list of where he reckons he’s come across the top 5 chicken parmigianas in Australia… but first, and most importantly, we must establish its correct abbreviation. It’s the debate that divides the nation.

“Parma” = Victoria

“Parmi” = New South Wales 

“Parmy” = Queensland/South Australia

Below provides more of a breakdown. Also — who else thinks we’re in need of a chicken parmigiana emoji? We vote yes.

1. Enterprise Hotel, Charters Towers QLD

First up is Enterprise Hotel’s chicken parmy. With five different toppers to choose from, and the size of the chicken you get, Jed’s sure they’re using emu instead! Here you can help yourself to veggies, salad, chips as a side… whatever whets your appetite.

It’s a basic country pub with one of the best feeds, but probably not the spot for a romantic date. Our crew always stops in on trips to Winton, Hughenden and Julia Creek, and sometimes if they’re running short of time while on the road, Jed will even phone ahead to have it ready when they pull up. How’s that for service!

Chicken Parmy at Enterprise Hotel, Charters Towers.

2. Schnithouse, Adelaide SA

Schnithouse is a mecca for all people who worship the schnit. And they mean serious business with their 21 different toppers. You can also pick your choice of schnitzel, with pork, chicken, veal etc. to choose from, and they also have a dessert parmy!

If you are hungry (and thirsty) they do a Man vs. 1-kg Schnit Challenge, which includes 1 litre of beer for $39.90. And if you finish it under 45 minutes, you get a free hat, dessert and FAME! A few years back, Jed completed this challenge in a PB time of 40 minutes… and let’s just say he couldn’t eat another parmy for at least 24 hours.

3. Universal Restaurant, Carlton VIC 

You know somewhere is the place to be when it’s full of tradies around smoko. They know their food and they love a good deal… as do cameramen. Universal Restaurant in Carlton boasts this MASSIVE parmy for just a mere $14. They say it’s one of the best in Melbourne, so do yourself a favour and put it on your list.

4. The Nines, Maroochydore QLD

Love a burger AND a parmy? At The Nines you’ll find a dish that combines both. Introducing… the chicken parmy burger. It’s topped with the usual, but also comes with a bit of a twist — chicken nuggets on top! You’ll find this gem on their “secret menu”… tell ’em Creek to Coast sent you. It’ll set you back just $23… not bad for a meal that combines EVERYTHING. It’s like eating three courses with no utensils required whatsoever.

Chicken parmy burger at The Nines.

5. The Bavarian, Eagle Street Pier QLD 

Germans know their schnits, so that means they definitely can master a good parmy. With nine options to choose from, you won’t be short of choice at The Bavarian. And if you can’t decide, go the Schnitzelmeister. It’s $80 for a stack of six schnits and four sides. Plus, it’s free if you finish it in under an hour! Game on.

Written by Sammy Cheney

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