Topwater Pelagic Action

There are a number of species that not only LOVE to chase topwater lures, but are also just a load of fun to target on the surface. One such species are Mahi Mahi, AKA Dolphin Fish.

Dolphin Fish are fairly common off our Eastern Coast, but you’re more of a chance of finding them hanging around a number of FADs that are placed intermittently along the coast.

These fish love speed, so when you’re fishing topwater, the idea is to get a cast in, close to the FAD and crank hard to get that lure back to the boat. That speed, in turn, stirs up the Dolphin Fish and causes a bite that is normally pretty spectacular!

Did you know, Dolphin Fish are one of the fastest growing species given gills? They can easily double their size in a year…and juveniles will normally hit their legal size (50cm) within 6-9months. That makes them a very sustainable table fish.

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