Van Jam! A new festival combining touring and tunes.

The worlds of RV travel and music combine this September…for the inaugural Van Jam. It’s a new concept from the brains of Caravanning Queensland.

Come September 22, Willowbank Raceway will be transformed into a bustling precinct FULL of all things caravanning, camping and music. Education meets entertainment, how good!

There’s a couple of heavy hitters confirmed for Van Jam, including Eskimo Joe, Thirsty Merc and the man himself, Daryl Braithwaite.

Another big name is none other than Golden Guitar-winning artist, Adam Brand.

He’ll be performing on Saturday September 23rd at Willowbank Raceway… as will Eskimo Joe, Thirsty Merc, Frente, Fanny Lumsden and 8 Ball Aitken.

I really think these events just turn into story swapping – you know… and experience telling – and country music… that’s what country music is about,” Adam said.

Also on the cards is First Nations artist, Sue Ray.

With a song titled Take me Away and lyrics like:

“If I stay inside just one more day, I think I might go insane. So pack my bags and let’s be gone. Put the pedal to the metal, now I’m on the road.”

It’s no wonder First Nations singer-songwriter Sue Ray is on the lineup for Caravanning Queensland’s music-festival-come-caravan-expo VAN JAM this September.

(Seriously, have a listen and tell us you aren’t dreaming of hitting the road and escaping to a natural paradise).

It’s also no surprise that this multi-award-winning artist is a fan of family road trips. Sue’s lived a life on the road. Her blues and roots career has taken her around the world, but she’s put down roots in her home-state of Queensland and is loving exploring her backyard with her boys. Sue believes it’s important to take a break from the chaos of life, disconnect from technology and reconnect with family among nature.

A favourite spot to recharge is Tamborine Mountain’s Thunderbird Park – a caravan & camping oasis nestled among 112 hectares of subtropical Rainforest.

There’s plenty of nature-based fun for the whole family and it also happens to be Australia’s largest adventure playground. There are high ropes courses and rainforest ziplines, thunderegg fossicking, mini golf and its home to a new attraction that everyone’s digging…

Australia’s first mini excavator park for kids, Dig IT (see what we did there?!). The little ones, and the big kids, get a kick out of using real-life excavators and machines to do fun challenges!

Thunderbird Park offers awesome facilities for cabin stays, glamping, camping and caravans, all nestled among the trees. Visitors can roam free through the forest, explore the rockpools, roast marshmallows by the fire and create lasting memories.

These down-to-earth moments are the inspiration for many of Sue Ray’s songs and you can be captivated by Sue Ray’s authentic stories and smoky rich voice at Caravanning Queensland’s VAN JAM on September 22-24.

Chasing something a little more “rocky”? Then Lecia Lousie might be more your speed.

What is your music style?

I would put it under the rock umbrella. I play rock and blues with elements of country, funk, soul, yeah a bit of a fusion of rock and blues you could say.

How did you get into music?

In grade 4, my Grandma realised I had some musical ability and she taught me some keyboard for a little while and Mum got me into some lessons for about 6 months and then I stopped that for a while until I was 13 and my older sister Karen, I ended up pinching her guitar.

So when she wasn’t around, I would take the guitar, play it, and then make sure it back in exactly the same position so she wouldn’t know, and just kept playing it!

Did you feel like you knew what you were doing?

Yes I guess it kind of just felt like walking, like I could sort of just walk and do it. But I guess you’ve got to practice so you know hours of practice and just heaps of fun.

Do you enjoy performing in front of a live audience?

I have varied feelings on that! It’s nice when you see a really happy audience and they’re looking back and you can connect with certain faces and people. It’s a bit of a buzz. Can be a little nerve wracking but once you’re on you switch on and just go for it and try and make people happy including myself!

You’re playing at this year’s Caravanning Queensland Van Jam, are you looking forward to it?

Yes so excited. Camping and music is such a wonderful collaboration, connecting with nature, music and the camper!

Do you have much experience with camping and caravanning?

So I got myself this old Mercedes van and it was done up so it was secure so you could lock your gear in there and sleep very comfortably. It’s awesome you can just park where ever you want to you get million dollar views for almost nothing so yeah I do recommend vanning life.

Why do you think camping and caravanning goes so well with your style of music?

There’s quite a few things but one that springs to mind would be connection. You can connect with other people whether you’re playing or not playing sometimes you might make lifelong friends. You know later in the night you might be around the camp fire playing some tunes that people recognise and they get amongst it and all join in.

Tickets are on sale NOW! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be part of the very first, Van Jam.

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