When Nature Calls…

Gone are the days of baring bottoms in the bush just to go the toilet… for ladies that is.

Forget the germs, restroom doors that don’t lock, or lack of toilet paper (all things that women hate)… as we introduce you to Go Girl! This ingenous little device now allows females to stand like you can while going to the loo, with a little more privacy when a thunder box isn’t available.

So how does it work, you may ask? Well, a Go Girl is a female urination device that allows you to urinate standing up. Not only does it fit easily in your pocket or purse, but it’s also a must for females who frequently camp, boat, hike, or are just generally outdoors and need to pop a squat… urgently.

“Gross!” you say? Definitely not! There’s nothing worse when you’re on the road, at a festival (in a slow-moving bathroom queue), or in any kind of outdoor pursuit for that matter where the toilet facilities are absent or less than desirable.

Even when you’re under pressure, or have a bladder the size of a pea, you’ll never have this problem again with a Go Girl. 

So next time, when nature calls, head to BCF and grab yourself a Go Girl Female Urinary DeviceFor other tips and tricks, head to our blog. 

By Samantha Cheney

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