6 dinner ideas for stress-free camping

Camping with family and friends is always fun and games until someone gets hangry. And let’s face it, cooking while you’re on holidays usually feels like a chore. So, to help you make the most of your holidays we’ve put together a list of easy camping recipes that will fill your stomach and please your hangry friends in no time!

If you haven’t already tried it, the traditional Australian Damper is a family favourite recipe that you need to try on your next trip away. There are many takes on the original damper, however, the one thing that stays the same is the trusty ole camp oven over the campfire. Roothy explains how to make a simple, plain damper, while our friends over at BCF take us on a step by step guide to baking a delicious vegemite and cheese damper.

Now put your hands up if you’ve ever taken a packet of the trusty 2-minute noodles with you camping? If that was a yes, well, Sally has the ultimate twist to the traditional noodle recipe. It involves noodles, egg, carrot, kewpie mayo and crispy fried shallots. Check out Sally’s recipe below.

Many campfire dishes can be prepared ahead of time, which makes your job EVEN easier! spaghetti bolognese, lasagne, chilli or even curries can be prepared ahead of time and sealed in air-tight containers. When you are travelling, make sure to refrigerate your meals appropriately to avoid any nasty bacteria growing!

If you’re craving Mexican while you’re on your camping trip, don’t fret, Sally has a super easy recipe to whip up while you’re away. Corn chips, mince, guac and sour cream, this meal will fill your Mexican cravings and will definitely fill your stomach in no time.

Another super easy meal that even kids will enjoy preparing as much as they enjoy eating, is campfire pizza! This can be made in either a cast-iron skillet, on a pizza stone, or even in a dutch oven. There are many recipes to follow, a simple margarita, pepperoni or even a supreme. Depending on your choice of ingredients, you can make a delicious pizza to suit everyone’s taste buds!

Of course, you can’t go past the simple meat and veg option. ‘Chucking a steak on the barbie’ and putting together an easy salad is a meal you don’t have to fuss over too much. You can even use some of your left-over ingredients from the pizza topping to make a salad.

We hope some of these dinner ideas have inspired you to create some delicious yet easy meals on your next trip away.

By Lauren Donaldson

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