Youi Caravanning Tips – Weights

With caravanning enjoying a peak in popularity in this country at the moment there are a lot of folk who are new to the game, and as such could use some advice from those with a little more experience – or better still – the experts.

Lee Carseldine headed out to get some parking tips from Caravan HQ, and also learnt how to know your weights before heading off.

You must know both your vehicle, and your caravans payloads – you can find these on the compliance plates of both.

There are three compliances for each, so 6 all up, and you’ll need to meet them all to be legal on the road, to make sure your insurance isn’t in jeopardy of being voided, and most importantly – to keep your family and other road users safe.

If you’re looking to keep you and your vehicle safe, head to to find an insurance plan that’s right for you.

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