Creek to Coast airs at 5pm Saturday on Channel 7 Queensland, and nationally the following Saturday at 2pm on 7TWO.

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Welcome to Creek to Coast – Australia’s favourite, and highest rating, outdoor adventure television program.

For 15 years, Creek to Coast has been a fixture of Saturday afternoon television for families across Queensland.  Its popularity and appeal has seen the show grow into Australia’s only nationally broadcast outdoor adventure television program with two time-slots each week.

Creek to Coast is Australia’s longest running network television program dedicated entirely to exploring the outdoors, playing around in the dirt and having a go at any and every outdoor adventure activity.

Whether it’s cruising offshore from the Gold Coast, touring a fourby across Cape York, strapping into a rally car, or jumping aboard a helicopter in the Kimberley for an over the top fishing adventure, you’ll find someone from Creek to Coast willing to give it a go.

The Creek to Coast team is made up of passionate outdoor adventure enthusiasts who bring their personal experience and contagious energy to the show. We are fortunate enough to work with a stable of nationally recognised partners with great products, stories and tips to enrich our viewer’s outdoor adventure experience.

You can catch Creek to Coast every Saturday at 5pm on Channel 7 Queensland plus the episode is repeated nationally on 7-Two the following Saturday at Noon.

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