5 Tips for Cooking Snapper

So, you have spent a day out on the water, caught a snapper or two, and now you are not sure what to do with it? Here are five of our top tips for cooking up a cracking snapper for tea.

1. It will flake…

If you are unsure how to know whether or not your snapper is cooked, a great way to tell is when the flesh turns white (not opaque). It will also flake slightly when pressed when it is ready to eat.

2. Turn it into a treat…

Ditch the healthy, gourmet fish and chuck your snapper in a pan with a bit of oil! For a delicious treat, coat your fish in flour and fry it until it is golden and crispy.

3. Wrap it in alfoil…

If you are cooking for the misses, you might need to try out cooking your snapper with a little less oil! Try baking it for 5-10 minutes on 180 degrees, wrapped in alfoil. Our tip would be to throw in some seasoning, olive oil, and perhaps some garlic or lemon.

4. Chuck it on the barbie!

There is nothing better than a barbie for tea over summer, so why not try cooking your snapper on the barbecue next time you reel one in. Trust us, you will never want to cook inside again.

5. Score the fish…

If you are cooking your fish whole, it can be a good idea to score the fish first. We would recommend making three 1cm deep incisions on each side of the fish at the deepest points. This helps the flesh cook more evenly, and allows your seasoning to fully seep into the fish.

Written by Kate Nutting

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