Chasing Flathead at Jumpinpin on the Gold Coast

The Jumpinpin Channel is renowned as a mecca for local anglers, and for good reason. It sits smack bang between North and South Stradbroke Island, so the large tides and strong currents means you’ll want to play your cards right – but the payoff is some superb bread and butter species!

At Jumpinpin, Flathead love lurking and sitting amongst the sand and weed. So, if you know where to find them and have the right gear – you should be able to snag yourself a fairly decent-sized lizard (as they call ‘em!)

In terms of gear, the range is also only becoming more diverse… from soft plastics to swim baits, it’s certainly different to the old-school bait fishing.

So, given that, you’ll want to be fishing nice and light. Six-pound braid and ten- or twelve-pound leader will do the trick.

And if you do happen to snag yourself a little one, don’t be disheartened! The best part with these species is that where the little ones live so do the big ones – so one cast you could be catching 30cm Flathead and the next 90cm – they’re a real trophy fish.

So, go on, head out and chase a few for yourself in these warmer months… you’ll find all the gear we used online and instore at your local BCF store.

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