Coopers New AT3s

Cooper Tires Australia are giving all Creek to Coast viewers the opportunity to WIN a set of AT3 tyres (to the value of $1800)! To enter their competition; follow the link below, enter the code words “PLAY HARDER” as well as 25 words or less to say why they should pick you, and then sit back, relax and await your winning phone call!

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A new take on a famous name.

The Cooper Tires, AT3 model has been an iconic name to the brand for a while now. They represent a medium between the company’s hardcore STTs, and the run of the mill Discover H/T Plus.

Cooper’s reinvention of the AT3 has brought about three new models, the 4s, the LT and the XLT, each with their own characteristics.

For the weekend warriors amongst us, the 4S should be our starting point. Coopers describe it as a 90% road and sand tyre, with 10% of its ability dedicated to dirt and mud use. The tyre uses a lighter duty construction than before, meaning it is even softer and quieter on road.

If you are looking to take your touring fourby to the next level, have a look at the AT3LT model. This one has deeper tread patterns, and more developed scalloped shoulders which in turn, give you the extra grip you may need on your travels.

Finally, if you’re looking for a tyre for your kitted out four wheel drive that can take you just about anywhere, but also still functions as a daily driving tyre, look no further than the XLT.

The engineers at Coopers have given this tyre an extra dose of sidewall protection and even more rugged shoulders. This equates to a wheel that will give you grip in places you didn’t expect to get it. The improved sidewall and shoulder construction means the tyre has improved grip from the side.

All three of the tyres come with an outstanding warranty (70,000kms for the 4S and 80,000 for the LT and XLT). Check out the new AT3s, plus Cooper’s other tyres on their website.

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