Hitch the van, hit the road and head to the Fraser Coast!

If you’re looking for a caravanning holiday that dishes up a feast of experiences, simply hitch the van, hit the road, and head to the Fraser Coast!

We’ve tested out the ultimate Caravanning Queensland itinerary – where you can reel in your dinner, meet the friendly locals, drink in the scenery, and eat up the seafood!

The region serves it all up…on a rainbow-coloured platter none the less!

The adventure starts in Rainbow Beach – a laidback town that offers a kaleidoscope of experiences.

Whether you’re keen to immerse yourself in nature (the magnificent Coloured Sands is nature’s Canvas, or walk the lighthouse at Double Island Point), take a dip in the crystal-clear water (enjoy a little R&R or 4×4 action on the beach), or dive into the local food scene (check it out here)!

The Deck at Sea Salt is a cracking spot to start or end your day. The menu is a journey from sea to table, celebrating the bountiful gifts of the ocean (our tip is to try the 3-tiered seafood platter!)

If you’re skipping dessert and going straight for the pillow, then head to the BIG4 Breeze Holiday Parks – Rainbow Beach. They offer nearly 60 renovated pet-friendly cabins,

roomy caravan sites, and great amenities, all by the water.

It’s a prime location for offshore fishing and just about everything Rainbow has to offer.

Caravanning enthusiasts, Gail and Garry from Nudicover, love this part of the world and set up their trailer-come-showroom for a few days in paradise.

Gail says “It’s such a wonderful lifestyle and that’s what caravanning and travelling is all about – going to these great places, meeting these lovely people and having really nice times in the outdoors.”

Gail’s love of the outdoors led her to create her own clothing line, designed specifically for the Queensland climate, with sun and midgie protection.

“I tried all the cover-up clothes, but they’re just so hot and I couldn’t stand it, so I designed the range of clothes from a beautiful lightweight mesh and we had the mesh sun rated and it’s absolutely fantastic for midgie protection. And it’s just taken off since there. It’s been amazing.”

If you’re keen to make the most of the outdoors in Rainbow Beach, make sure your caravan has been recently serviced before you leave home.

You can always talk to your local Caravanning Queensland member for some tips before you’re ready to hit the sand.

This region’s worth staying a few days – that way you can take in the magic of sunset and enjoy the rewards that come at sunrise….(keep reading!)

Sunrise in Rainbow Beach – you’ll find us offshore!

This region offers some of the best deep sea fishing in Queensland! It is teeming with marine life, so we teamed up with one of the region’s best Charters, Ed from Keely Rose.

Ed’s been fishing these waters for 30 years, so he knows all the best spots for chasing a huge variety of species – including big, beautiful Mahi Mahi (also known as Dolphin Fish or Dollies).

These colourful fish are incredibly curious, which means you’ll spot them around the FADs (that’s a Fish Aggregating Device), but take our word for it, they are F.U.N. to catch! Check out the video for a taste of what to expect.

There’s nothing like heading back to the caravan park and sharing a fresh fish feed with some newfound friends. The Caravanning Queensland Website has a range of park suggestions online.

From dolphin fish, to dolphin feeding – you’ll find it caravanning the Fraser Coast.

This relaxed way of travel is all about enjoying a little freedom,

exploring at your own pace, and discovering unexpected surprises along the way.

The tiny town of Tin Can Bay is the only place in the world where you can hand feed wild Australian Humpback Dolphins. Would you believe this priceless experience is just 10 bucks per person and it’s all closely managed by the volunteers at Barnacles Dolphin Centre.

Every morning around 7am visitors are escorted to the water to meet these incredible creatures. It’s truly a memorable experience for young and old.

Tin Can Bay is just one of the many towns worth a stop along the Fraser Coast. A little further up the road is historic Maryborough. Famous for its heritage buildings, beautiful old pubs and being the inspiration and birthplace of the Mary Poppins’ author.

You may know that Mary Poppins had her magical bag of endless useful items. Well, Wide Bay Caravans are practically the Mary Poppins of caravanning. They’ve got all the tools and tricks to make sure people can set off on their own exciting adventure story.

No magical umbrella needed!

Wherever you’re travelling in the state, you’ll find a Caravanning Queensland Member that can help you out. Sourcing everything from doorknobs to door mats, and fixing bumpers to bingles. They’ll help you get to where you’re going, and home again, safely.

We hit the road and headed for our next home-away-from-home in Hervey Bay – the oceanfront Sunlodge Caravan Park.

The roomy van sites and cabins all have private ensuites. There’s a pool, laid-back beach shack vibes and the park also welcomes four-legged and feathered friends (afternoon lorikeet feeding is a highlight).

Hervey Bay is a haven for holidaymakers, and we met a few at Torquay Beachfront Caravan Park.

“You could travel around Australia and not get a better location. It’s a pretty special part of the coast”

Travellers come from near and far and they all have a similar thing to say about the caravanning lifestyle.

“We love everything about it. It’s freedom, you can stop whenever you want. We meet such lovely people and we go to such lovely areas. You sort of can’t beat this kind of life. Yeah it’s great.”

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