How you can become a Yachtshare owner

Yachtshare is a syndication program, which allows people to own a share of a luxury yacht without all the hassle and maintenance of owning a boat. All up, they have eleven vessels in the fleet – the smallest boat is 36-foot and the biggest boat is 50-foot long – with shares starting from 10%.

“We have a great community of about 100 owners… all our owners are easy going. I think anyone who can share their toys is an easy-going person… and being able to have that group to share experiences, in addition to sharing the boat, is just an added benefit,” Anton ‘Yachtshare Director’ said.

Jubilation owners – Tania & John

“We’re part-owners of Jubilation – she’s a Beneteau 41.1 Oceanis… she’s a 2019 model and we love her! We love the adventures and community that has come with it,” Tania and John said.

“Queensland is stunningly beautiful – we have 1900 islands that dot this coast – there are a few that still have resorts on them – but so many are uninhabited. With a boat like this, you can just anchor off, tender ashore, and the whole beach and the island is yours – you just cannot get there any other way.”

“There are no limits – because you’re not on a charter – you’re not chartering or hiring a boat, because the boat is yours… you just share it with nine other people!

 “I mean the luxury we have on the boat down here – you’re not suffering. We’ve got showers, all the supplies, the kitchen, the gully… it’s just all really nice. It’s a six-star hotel… but it floats!”

Inspiration owners – Kaz & Steve

“Just the weekend before we found Yachtshare, about three years ago, we were about to buy our own boat. I stumbled across Yachtshare, had a look, and now we get to sail more than we would if it were our own boat,” Kaz & Steve said.

 “If it were our own boat, we would spend half the time doing maintenance on the weekends and then half the time sailing. I love it – you walk on and walk off; you don’t have to do anything.”

“We get to take it wherever we want as well – last year, just as a family, we took it up to Lady Musgrave. The kids are now qualified in scuba, so we went scuba diving off the back – it’s just fantastic.”

 If you’re feeling inspired to become a part of the Yachtshare fleet, check out their website here.

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