Sunshine Coast Tuna Tips

In the warmer months, loads upon loads of bait come in close to the Sunshine Coast, which in turn bring in a variety of species of Tuna.

From Mack Tuna to Longtail, all of them are a load of fun to catch, with the Longies (and Yellowfin if you’re lucky) being the prized eating species.

Tuna gear is relatively simple. A spinning reel around the 4000-5000 size with 30 pound braid will do the trick. A 40pound leader will also be helpful.

You can try a load of different lures. Metal slugs or smaller stick baits work wonders. As do 5inch soft plastics with a heavy jighead (between 1 and 2 pound). Scotty LOVES his Halco Twisty lures in a range of sizes.

…and on that, size DOES matter…

When you find a bait school that these Tuna are feeding on, you then have to match the hatch – meaning find a lure profile that replicates what the fish are feeding on. Our mate Benny Glass from SCF recommends starting mid-range, and working down in size and weight if the fish aren’t taking what you’re throwing.

For any other Tuna chasing gear or knowhow, check out your local BCF.

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